August, 2020- International HPB Surgery Journal Club


Friday, August 28th

The meeting times are: 12 pm in Austria, 7 pm in Japan, 6 pm in China, 6 am in the USA,
1 pm in Lithuania.


We are honored to welcome Prof. P.A. Clavien’s Transplant team from Department of Surgery at University of Zurich, Switzerland. The team will be proudly present their most recent paper published in Nature, 2020.


The selected article for the discussion will be presented by Dr. P.Ignatavicius:

“An integrated perfusion machine preserves injured human livers for 1 week” 


Dilmurodjon Eshmuminov, Dustin Becker, Lucia Bautista Borrego, Max Hefti, Martin J. Schuler, Catherine Hagedorn, Xavier Muller, Matteo Mueller,  Christopher Onder,  Rolf Graf, Achim Weber , Philipp Dutkowski, Philipp Rudolf von Rohr and Pierre-Alain Clavien. Nature Biotechnology volume 38, pages189–198(2020) 


Meeting link: