October, 2020- International HPB Surgery Journal Club


Friday, October 30th

The meeting times are:12 pm in Austria, 12 pm Belgium, 7 pm in Japan, 6 pm in China, 6 am (EST) in the USA , 1 pm in Lithuania.


We’re proud and honored to feature Prof. J.Lerut, MD, PhD who will present his paper on the topic of “Cavoportal transposition in liver transplantation”


Prof. J.Lerut, a distinguished, world renowned surgeon, Professor of Surgery and Co-Director of the Department of Abdominal and Transplantation Surgery as well as Director of the Startzl  Abdominal Transplant Unit of the university hospitals Saint Luc and of the UCL Transplant Center in Brussels. He has served as president of the Belgian Society of Transplantation (BST) as chairman of the Eurotransplant  (ET) Liver Allocation Committee (ELIAC) and as President of the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT). He is a member of different councils and learning societies related to surgery and transplantation as well of the Belgian Surgeon Health Council.


Meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/3489967242